Cremation Services

RIPets offers a number of services giving you the reassurance of knowing that when the time comes, we will carry out your wishes with the utmost professional care.

Individual Cremation (Return of Ashes - R.O.A.)
Your pet will be individually cremated in our crematorium and kept separate from other pets at all times through the cremation process. Your pet's ashes will be returned to you in a unique hand made pottery urn as well as a certificate confirming the cremation date and authenticity of the pet's ashes.

Standard Cremation (S.C.)
This service is offered to customers who do not wish to keep the remains of their pets. In this process a number of pets are cremated in the same cycle. Please be assured that your pet's dignity would not be in any way affected by cremation with other pets.

Communal Burial
Unfortunately there are no pet cemeteries in Cape Town. To comply with all regulatory controls as determined by the relevant authorities, RIPets utilises the permitted CMC landfill area where pets are placed in a communal grave with those of other pets. Please note that there is no visitation to this burial site.

RIPets Tomb Stone / Engraved River Stone
RIPets is able to provide personally inscribed tomb stones or natural stone rocks. These make a very special tribute which can be placed in your garden.






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