For When The Time Comes

bapicWe understand the joy of loving a pet, the loyalty, affection, companionship and above all the unconditional love that they give us, but how do we cope and what happens when the time comes to say 'goodbye'.

In a state of shock, grief and despair it can often be difficult to think clearly to make the right decision about the final arrangements for your pet.

bbpicOption Of Memorialisation
To help you cope with your loss and embrace the memory of a special relationship, saying 'Good Bye' can be done in many ways - maybe a place to visit like a special corner in the garden or on the beach, a contribution to the animal society in memory of your pet can be a fitting tribute for some, completing a journal or photo album can be of great comfort.


Many pet owners find peace of mind and closure in dealing with their loss in having their pet's ashes returned in an urn that symbolises their companions life. They may also choose to bury or scatter these ashes in a favourite place.